“Monsters are all those emotions that you can not repress. “

SOLOMOSTRY was born in Milan, 1988.

Solomostry in Italian means “only monsters”. A monochrome monster composed of lines with imposing and staring eyes. Solomostry is not only the main character of the artist’s art works but also his alias. Solomostry has since obtained a degree in graphic design & art direction and works in his studio in Milan.

In Solomostry’s artistic practice the streets represent the place where he discovered a unique form of art as well as a kind of playground where he dares new techniques, tools and ideas without any rules. Freedom in the streets means a lot to him. Whereas in the studio he reflects and digests what he just experienced in the streets and tries to implement and manifest it his studio-based paintings.

Solomostry’s draws his inspiration from really everything that attracts his attention. He is inspired by the streets itself, its inhabitants, friends, loved-ones and rivals. He is convinced that, traveling but also information and sensory experience are the source of inspiration – always being continuous. 

Text by Tania Di Brita

Latest exhibition

  • “JUMPSUIT OF MILAN” Custom project curated by Garage Italia and NSS Magazine, Milan, 2020.
  • “BEYOND THE WALLS” Group show at Cohle Gallery, Paris, 2020.
  • “LE BANDIERE SOLOMOSTRY” Site specific Installation at Mombarcaro (CU) curated by Lunetta11, 2020.
  • “ABITIAMO IL MONDO” Group show at Lunetta11 curated by Claudia Zunino, Francesco Pistoi and Eva menzio, Mombarcaro (CU), 2020.
  • “Art is resistace” project curated by during covid19 emergency, digital only 2020.
  • “Sprayers” soloshow at Kolly gallery, curated by Tania di Brita, Zurich 2020.
  • “Come impiattare” Group show, Lampo Gallery, curated by Giacomo Spazio, Santeria Toscana 31, Milano 2019.
  • 1st Prize at “Swiss Original Handmade Creative Project” Milan, 2019.
  • “SOLOMOSTRY VS VITOMANOLOROMA round 2” duo show at Istanbul Comics Festival, Istanbul 2019.
  • “OUT SOON” Site specific Installation Micro Museo Monza, curated by Martinas Gallery, Monza 2019.
  • “Summer Vibes” soloshow at Kolly gallery, curated by Tania di Brita, Zurich 2019.
  • “Sto* disegnando” Group show, MerceMarcia Gallery, curated by Michael Rotondi, Livorno 2019.
  • Dialoghi di strada #4″ Group show at Spazio C21, Reggio Emilia 2019. 
  • “Selezione Naturale” soloshow at Martinas Gallery, Giussano 2019.
  • Group show “Street talks” Internazionali BNL d’ Italia, curated by ex-elettrofonica and Secondome Gallery, Roma 2019.
  • Site specific istallation for “Nite Jogger launch party” Adidas Originals curated by Vice Italy, Milano 2019.
  • “SOLOMOSTRY VS VITOMANOLOROMA round 1” duo show at Fiti shop and Art Gallery, Milano 2019.
  • “Screening” soloshow at Kolly Gallery, curated by Tania Di Brita, Zurich 2019.
  • “UNBOXING SLMSTRY” soloshow and site-specific at Lampo Gallery, curated by Giacomo Spazio, Milano 2018.
  • “FCKFF” group show at Buzz Kill Gallery, curated by Francesco Perrotti, Livorno 2018.
  • “Mixed Up” soloshow at ABFactory, curated by The Don Gallery and Andrea Concas, Cagliari 2018.
  • “Solomostry showcase” soloshow at Urvanity Art Fair, curated by The Don Gallery, Madrid 2018. 
  • “Countdown” Istallation at Palazzo Pallavicini for SetUp Contemporary Art Fair, curated by Martina’s Gallery, Bologna 2018.
  • “Toilet x Art” Group show, curated by Cha min-jung, Haewoojae Toilet Museum, Seoul 2017.
  • Set Design for Destination Future, curated by Linecheck and IF! Italian Festival at Teatro Principe, Milano 2017. 
  • Live painting X VFTS launch debut at SOLEDXB, Dubai, 2017. 
  • Young prize at Artline contest, curated by Fondazione Campori, Soliera, 2017.
  • “Mosh Pit ” Group Show, Galo Art Gallery, Torino, 2017.
  • Serate Illuminate, Parco Arte Contemporanea 180, Livorno, 2017.
  • TENEBRE, soloshow, curated by Francesco Perrotti, Buzz Kill Gallery, Livorno, 2017.
  • C 41 Magazine Issue 4 “Rebellion”, book launch and soloshow, Premiata Berlin, 2017.
  • C 41 Magazine Issue 4 “Rebellion”, book launch and soloshow, Oneblockdown Milano, 2017.
  • Cross the Streets, curated by Paulo von Vacano, MACRO Museo d’ Arte Contemporanea Roma, 2017.
  • Assedio, giorno 109, curated by Guerrilla Spam, Torino 2017.
  • Floating Flag Exhibition, curated by Gram Publishing, Venezia 2017.
  • Urvanity International New Contemporary Art Fair, with The Don Gallery, Madrid 2017.
  • KRAMPUS, soloshow, curated by Giacomo Spazio, The Don Gallery, Milano 2017.
  • Dal caso nasce cosa di Libri Finti Clandestini, collective show, curated by James Bradburne, Galleria Demetra, Milano 2016.
  • S/VISTO, curated by Giacomo Spazio, collective show, Santeria Social Club, Milano 2016.
  • QUADRICROMIE Festival, Camposanto 2016.
  • TUTTOINUNAVOLTA, soloshow, curated by Giacomo Spazio, Add X to A, Milano 2016.
  • Daily Dose by Guido Borso, book launch and collective show, The Don Gallery, Milano 2015.
  • Redbull Canvas Cooler, Curated by MAD Agency, Milano Design Week, Milano 2012.
  • NUOVI PROBLEMI, collective show, curated by NUOVI PROBLEMI, Santeria, Milano 2012.



  • Adidas Originals
  • Tequila Espolon
  • Versus Versace
  • Wood’d
  • VFTS
  • Santeria Social Club
  • Botanical Club
  • Champagne Socialist
  • SSFF
  • Linecheck
  • MIAMI Festival